Ramadan 2022

Studies that we have done in Arabic in Israel and around the world show what is behind this wave of terrorism. 

In December 1992, Israel deported to Lebanon 415 terrorists including senior figures from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, among whom were Sheikh Bassam Nahad Jarrar, a senior Hamas figure at the time. While living in Lebanon, the Sheikh began distributing a mathematical calculation, he calculated based on the verses from the Quran, according to which the State of Israel will be eliminated in 2022.

Over the years, Sheikh Jarrar's calculation has become a kind of prophecy that has gained many believers among Muslims, including senior Hamas figures and sheikhs within the State of Israel.

Obviously, there is no drop of truth in this prophecy, and we must not believe it for a moment, but in the Muslim world it is very acceptable and encourages harm to Jews.

In May 2021, the Palestinian terrorist Munster Shelby murdered the late Yehuda Guetta and wounded two others in a shooting attack at the Tapuach junction in Samaria. In January 2022, a Palestinian reported that his brother met with the terrorist Shelby in court and asked him for the reason why he carried out the attack. Shelby replied that he believed Sheikh Jarrar's calculations and that he was afraid that Palestine would be liberated before he could do anything for it, so he wanted to do something for Palestine.

Additionally, the operation 'Walls Guard' in May 2021 only increased the assessment that the prophecy would be a fulfilled and increased the incitement, as well as desire in the Arab society to harm Jews.

There are already several dates and planned events that could be the start of an extensive confrontation, in Gaza and within the State of Israel. The peak will begin on April 2nd with the beginning of Ramadan, and on the three days of the holiday Eid al-Fitr at the end.