The 'Ad Kan' organization was founded by a group of IDF officers and former intelligence soldiers who decided to make a change and fight the anti-Israeli organizations whose funding comes from foreign countries and other antisemitic bodies. These elements work to weaken the Israeli state by slandering it globally and coordinating operations locally in Israel. 


At 'Ad Kan,' we are fighting to hamper and obstruct their activities and operations, both in Israel and abroad.


Presently, 'Ad Kan' has five departments, each dealing with different aspects of the struggle.


1) The intelligence and fieldwork department. We have Mistarvim (undercover agents) and other agents out in the field. The agents infiltrate anti-Israeli organizations and focal points of violence, intending to gather and document hard evidence in cases of felonies. 


2) The research department. We conduct extensive studies on the organizations' funding sources and other interest-driven elements, which trigger the organizations into action, to thoroughly and extensively understand their modus operandi.  


3) The legal department. We are in charge of hundreds of legal proceedings, some even happening at this moment, against the anti-Israeli organizations. The proceedings take place in courts and in front of state authorities to prosecute them to the full extent of the law. 


4) The policy and administration department. We operate in the parliamentary realm, come to the Knesset's committee debates, and draft bills to stop the anti-Israel activities. 


5) The public relations and media department. We make sure to share with you all of our non-confidential content and update you about all our activities. 


Gilad Ach, CEO and founder. 

Aviram Zeevi, Chairman of the orginzation.