Synopsis of the Study

A study conducted in collaboration with the "Choose Life" Forum, an association that unites terrorism victims' bereaved families. The study exposes ties between the Ra'am Party and the Islamic Movement in Israel and between the latter and the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza: Terrorists' families financing, Hamas foundations, and large sums of money transferred from Israel to various destinations in the PA territories, the Gaza Strip and several Arab countries, including countries defined, according to law, as enemy countries, such as Lebanon and Syria.

The study revealed the deep ties between the Ra'am Party and the 'Aid 48' Association. 'Aid 48' donates millions of dollars per year on joint projects with Hamas in Gaza. The organization assists the orphaned families of Shahids and prisoners in the Palestinian Authority territories and has collaborated with the Turkish organization 'Al Furkan,' which publicly calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and declares its support for Hamas.


We have also uncovered connections between Ra'am and the 'Al-Aqsa' Organization. 'Al-Aqsa' received, over the past few years, about 12.5 million NIS from several foreign Islamic funds, some of which Israel has proclaimed as an 'illegal association' for financing the Hamas Terrorist Organization. In 2015, the Ministry of Defense confiscated all the association's money because of the portion they received from Hamas' fund sources. These ties, and others, raise serious concerns that the large sum of money earmarked in the state budget for the Ra'am Party's distribution to the local authorities, organizations, and companies of the Arab community, will eventually reach Hamas.


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