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The organization's interrogators track down potential witnesses on patrols


Over the past few years, we have sent several veterans to give evidence to ‘Breaking the Silence’. Evaluating the form of questioning, the type of information collected by the organization's researchers, and its relevance to the organization's stated purposes indicate that the testimonies are not intended to examine only the treatment provided by IDF soldiers to the Palestinian population, but beyond. 

The organization's interrogators track down potential witnesses on patrols, information booths, information meetings in private homes, and lectures. According to activists in the organization, they encourage soldiers to testify, even if they have not  

After making initial contact and gathering information relating to the witness's military service, a meeting is arranged at the organization's offices or in a neutral location. The testimonies are usually collected anonymously and recorded in two parts. The first recording records the date, the place of the testimony, the name of the witness, and the name of the unit in which he served. The second recording records the testimony itself. An external source transcribes the second recording. Then the organization's employees conduct the testimony to contain only the sections that the organization wants to publish. Only selected sections for publication are sent to the military censorship for approval before publication. 

The rest of the material containing classified information is stored on the organization's computers on secure servers. 

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