There is no doubt that the state of the nation and its motivation to protect its national values and borders are directly affected by the information transmitted almost instantly from the scene where it is taking place, directly to phones and television screens of people worldwide. The international and national mindset is being manipulated in a quest to destroy our morale.


In recent years, we have witnessed a change in the self-confidence and morale of the IDF soldiers, particularly on the Palestinian front. A scene where two young girls confront an IDF officer and slap him, while in the heart of a Palestinian village, receives millions of views worldwide. Clearly, this weakens and contributes to a general feeling of the general lack of ability to deter future violence and protect our soldiers and civilians.

Our armed soldiers are dealing with unarmed civilians that assault them in front of cameras in an attempt to provoke and create propaganda material. This causes the soldiers to feel almost defenseless. They are aware that they may even be put on military trial if they use any force, even if it is simply to clear the IDF’s reputation in the eyes of the world as a moral and enlightened military.

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