The Friday weekly timetable is conducted regularly:


·       The Israeli demonstrators arrive to Tel Aviv and are driven to the various allocated locations.

·       The Israeli demonstrators assemble in front of the Mosque or another central position in the village at the usual appointed time.

·       The new demonstrators are instructed by one of the more veteran activists. In some cases, the instruction is carried out by Israelis.

·       They march from the meeting point into the Village or to the Dividing Wall while shouting for the destruction of the State of Israel until they arrive at the next point of conflict.

·       They attempt to provoke the IDF soldiers, trying to cause them to make a mistake, creating a negative picture in the eyes of the camera and, therefore, the world.

·       The demonstration becomes violent as the rioters throw rocks and Molotov cocktails at the IDF soldiers.

·       The demonstration finishes at almost the same time every week.

·       The demonstrators gather to meet in the village, summarize the events, and then leave.

·       The distribution of the film footage is taken by the accompanying cameramen who attend the demonstrations regularly. They post their film footage on social networks, news sites, and blogs, both throughout the protests and at a later stage as well.


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