In 2004, some anarchist Israelis collaborated with The National Palestinian Committees, which were established to initiate and coordinate massive Palestinian conflicts against the IDF. The activity focused on regular demonstrations opposing the construction of the Wall dividing Israeli and Palestinian territory. Those participating included: Palestinians, Israelis, and foreigners from overseas. Later, these anarchists adopted the title “Anarchists Against the Wall”.


These Israeli anarchists have been documented leading the protests, confronting the soldiers of the IDF, assisting rock throwers, physically protecting these criminal Palestinians, and transferring funds to Palestinian organizers of these demonstrations. Many of these anarchists have admitted their support for the destruction of Zionism and the establishment of a “democratic Palestinian state”, stretching from the Jordan River up to the Mediterranean Sea.

Over the years, the weekly demonstrations turned into violent confrontations and have wounded and caused physical and mental injury to soldiers of the IDF. There have been soldiers with serious wounds that have become permanently handicapped as a result.

The demonstrations occur in several locations in Judea and Samaria, and they supply a weekly dose of propaganda to the International BDS movement. Without the presence of the Israeli anarchists and the foreign activists, these demonstrations would either peter out on their own or be intercepted by the IDF. The Israeli presence amongst the rioters creates an operational problem and, in turn, a ‘media circus’ that the Palestinians exploit to the full extent to raise the Palestinian plight to the international world’s consciousness.

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