“Anarchists Against the Wall” are a group comprising of activists and radicals, anti-Zionists and Israeli anarchists, that refuses to recognize the official power and authority of the State of Israel. This would include authorities such as the court system, the police, etc.,


The majority of those in this group view the State of Israel as an oppressor and occupier of lands, even back to the 1948 borders. They openly support riots against IDF soldiers, even when this includes rock-throwing at soldiers. Leaders of the organization admit that they support rock-throwing at soldiers, and some have given self-incriminating testimony describing such acts of violence at IDF soldiers.

The activists speak openly about the desire to overturn the Jewish-Zionist rule in the State of Israel and wish to establish a” Palestinian Democratic State” in its place. Even though they have been functioning regularly since 2004 and enlisting donations from all over the world on a grand scale, they have never been registered as either a non-profit organization or a public benefit company. This is in line with the anti-establishment platform of the organization.

The activists in the organization see themselves as part of an international anarchy network that aims to dismantle the establishment in each of the countries in which they reside.

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