A decade ago, NDC was used to channel funds from various European countries to Left Israeli organizations. Thus, these groups were criticized for accepting funds from a fund that support terror.


In 2012, NDC ceased to support Israeli organizations. However, they reinstated their support towards the end of 2019 to only a limited number of Israeli organizations for enormous sums of money.

The Sweedish government is the source of these funds as part of their objective within the “HUMAN RIGHTS’ PROGRAM” 2018-2023, to strengthen a respectful relationship towards human rights and international law. The program's scope is approximately 8 million dollars, as 3.8 million dollars is intended for the funding of Palestinian/Israeli organizations via the NDC fund.

The Israeli organizations that have received funds (as of 20119-2020):

The ‘Breaking the Silence’ movement received NIS 2,642,838

The “Gisha” (Approach) movement received NIS 3,508,243

The “B’tzelem” (In the shape) movement received NIS 2,097,650

The “Yesh Din” (There is judgment) movement received NIS 2,647,706 (No documents are noted within the NDC, but rather just the name of the project.)


Palestinian organizations chosen to participate in the program:

-          DCI-PS is the international union for Palestinian children's rights: an organization that supports the BDS movement and is connected to the ‘Peoples’ Front for the Liberation of Palestine’ terror organization.

-          Al Haq is an organization waging a legal battle against the State of Israel and promoting the BDS campaign. The General Manager of this organization is Sha’wan Jabrin, an active member of the ‘Peoples’ Front for the Liberation of Palestine terror organization. The Supreme court decreed that Jabrin “spends part of his time managing the Human Rights organization and the rest of the time, he is an active member of a terrorist organization.”

-          Badil: An organization that promotes a severe anti-Israeli agenda, disseminating antisemitic caricatures and promoting the BDS campaign.

-          Al-Mezan: An organization conducting a legal battle against Israel and promotes the BDS campaign.

In 2021, the Security Minister, Benny Gantz, announced that the Al-Haq and DCI-PS movements are terror organizations, that are extensions of the ‘Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine.’ Terror movement.


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