In conversations had by our investigators with NDC representatives, they confirmed the transfer of funds to “Shovrim Shtika” (Breaking the Silence). This was a reference to a grant only for Israeli organizations from a Swedish source. This was apparently a government entity. It should be noted, that we saw that the support for Israeli organizations was coming from Sweden. This may be a mistake or financing of an additional Swedish grant.


An NDC representative expanded and explained: “A special grant arrived from Switzerland, especially for Human Rights institutions. It (the support) is the only one that has included Israel, Palestinian and Israeli organizations. And this is the request of the Swiss, obviously.”

Our investigator told the representative that “we noticed a code of behavior on your site. It writes that all organizations that wish to receive a grant must comply with all the code of behavior instructions. Are these basic conditions that we must comply with entirely?” The representative responded with a definite “Yes, they are fundamental.” We will just reiterate that we are referring to support of BDS and promoting an anti-normalization campaign against the State of Israel, support for the return of Palestinian refugees, and more.

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