The Ties to the Peoples Front of the Liberation of Palestine

One of the programs that the fund finances is “Essential funding to cultural organizations” situated in East Jerusalem to establish cultural institutions in east Jerusalem. The program’s budget stood at $4.54 million for 2016-2020. In reality, these funds were being channeled to the SHAFAQ cultural institutions in East Jerusalem.


In July 2020, the connection between SHAFAQ and the ‘Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine’ terrorist movement was exposed. At the head of the movement is Da’oud El-A’oul, who shares close ties to terror organizations, holds positions in the movement, and other movements that connect him. El-A’oul was arrested by Israel, six times between 2014 and 2015. He is forbidden to be in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, or leave abroad.

On 18.06.2016, he was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment due to membership in terror organizations.

The Marketing Manager of the “Samar Abu-Isha” network, and a member of the “Peoples Front” was accused of inciting terrorism and violence, traveling illegally to Lebanon, and participating in Hizballah activities. He was sentenced to 14 months actual imprisonment and an additional six months on probation.

Other network members, such as Mahmud E’avar, Shail Churi, and Ranya Elias Churi are also known as active members of the “peoples’ Front for the Liberation of Palestine” terrorist movement.

The network collaborates with the “Centre of Folk’ art,” which also identifies with the Peoples’ Front and its members are terrorists and the families of terrorists.

On 22/07/2020, the Jerusalem police force raided the Yavus offices belonging to the network and the employees' homes and arrested them on grounds of suspicion of irregularities and breaking the law in serious economic offenses, income, tax evasion, money laundering, and more.

Al Ghul (middle) on the day of his release from Gilboa Prison on 27/11/2016

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