The Story of Jalal Hussein

Jalal Hussein, a resident of Azun, sold land that he owned in the Elkanah and Alfie Menashe area to a merchant from Jaluliyah, called Ahmed Salameh, and agreed to serve as his representative in the transaction of land in the area.


In order to carry out the transaction, he arrived at the DCO together with an Arab lawyer, an Israeli citizen, to deal with the transaction, The official at the DCO, Raed Swalja, did not agree to handle a transaction that involved an Israeli citizen, and demanded that he bring Majal Shivivi, a Palestinian lawyer. A few days later, at a gas station near Jaljulia, Jalal, was drugged and kidnapped for questioning at the preventive security facility in Jaljulia. At this point, Jalal began to undergo a term of several years of interrogations, torture, imprisonment, and dozens of hospitalizations in PA hospitals due to the torture.

After his arrest, another 11 suspects were arrested, including members of Jalal's family, his Palestinian lawyer, and people connected to Ahmed Salameh.

After several months of interrogations and torture, Jalal was forced to be photographed for a Swedish program broadcasted on Palestinian television, organized by Palestinian security forces, describing his capture and denouncing him as a traitor to the Palestinian nation, in order to deter Palestinians from selling land. He was forced to say that he had forged the land transactions.

After another period of about a year and a half of detention and additional torture, Jalal was forced to sign documents where he transferred ownership of his lands to the Palestinian Authority. It was only after another period that he was released to his home on bail, and, a day later, fled to Israel.

In Israel, Jalal lived on the streets for a long time and was on the run, in fear of his life. He appealed to Israeli officials to ask for assistance and protection. After a long time, Jalil disappeared, and his whereabouts are unknown.

At the same time, Ahmad Salameh, the land trader from Jaljulia, was eliminated by messengers of the Palestinian security forces, in a shooting incident on the street in Jaljulia on December 8, 2018, due to his involvement in the sale of Palestinian land to the Jews. Palestinian sources informed the media that Fatah’s 'al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades' had eliminated him. To this day, the Israeli police have not solved the murder committed inside Israel. The murderers have not been caught, and police investigators told Salameh's family that the investigation had concluded that "this was an internal dispute."

About three weeks before his murder, Salameh approached us for help, as he realized that the Palestinian security forces intended to kill him. Salameh’s father was also murdered in the 80’s, due to his involvement in land transactions with Jews. His partner in the deal was also murdered.

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