"Breaking the Silence" fake news about operation "Protective Edge"

In May 2015, nine months after the “Protective Edge" operation in the Gaza Strip, the "Breaking the Silence" organization set out on a worldwide campaign against the actions of the IDF and the State of Israel in Gaza.


The campaign was based on a booklet of testimonies, in which there are 111 testimonies given by soldiers that, according to the organization, fought in the operation. Most of the testimonies were “feeling-based testimonies” that describe fighting outside of its context. The rest of the testimonies were of specific events that were given a few times by different people as if they were talking about multiple events, but in reality, the different testimonies were talking about the same event. An unassuming reader does not know that the multiple testimonies are all talking about one event and comes to understand that these testimonies are describing a reoccurring phenomenon.