Igatha 48's Operations in Syria and Turkey

In recent years, the Igatha 48 Association has been operating in Turkey and has worked on operations for Syrian refugees on the Syrian-Turkish border.


In 2021 the association completed the first phase of its construction plan for a new city with a local Turkish organization, in coordination with the Turkish government. The city is in Syria, near its border with Turkey. The association's employees often travel to Turkey, and the association also employs salaried local workers, although they are unreported in its official reports.

Igatha 48 has carried out joint projects with a Turkish organization called Al Furkan - an extremist Islamic organization that calls for the destruction of the State of Israel, openly supports Hamas, and annually commemorates the day Hamas founder Ahmad Yassin died.

The founder of the Furkan organization and who has headed it for years is Alfarslan Kuytol, a radical well-known figure in Turkey's political Islam, and even a neutral country like Denmark recently banned his entry.


At Al Forkan Association conference in the Turkish city of Adana on June 15, 2014, the association's theater team staged an antisemitic play called "Yükselişi ın'İslam" or "The Revival of Islam." In the central part of the play were three figures representing the three enemies of Islam who are trying to prevent its rise: the "Great Devil" - America, the Vatican, and the "murderous Zionist entity" - Israel.

The Jew was depicted with classic antisemitic characteristics, both externally and through his actions and character traits:

• He kills children.

• Buys the whole world with his money.

• Dominates the fashion industry and "pollutes" the morals of young Muslims through it.

• Controls global media.

• Thanks to his media control, he manages to hide the crimes and manslaughter he commits everywhere.


The association is also a member of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islamic World (IDSB), founded in 2005 by members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey and operates in full coordination with the Turkish government. The association's objective is to coordinate the activities of Islamic aid organizations around the world. The conference hosts many extremist organizations that have been identified with Islamic terrorism and are on the list of terrorist organizations in the United States and Israel.

As part of the association's activities at IDSB, it refrains from mentioning Israel's name and states that they come from 'Palestine.'




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