Igatha 48 Association (Aid 48 Association):

The Islamic Association for Orphans and the Poor

The Islamic Movement's most active organization with the largest budget is 'Igatha 48' (Aid 48). The association was established in 1996 replacing the "Islamic Support Committee" that was shut down by Israeli authorities for supporting Hamas.

The organization has many branches throughout the country, in Palestinian cities located in Palestinian Authority territories and the Gaza Strip, and has extensive successful fundraising - a whopping 224.5 million NIS in the last decade.

In addition, the association works to help families of prisoners and Shahids. The heads of the association expressed support for terrorists and Shahidsض by participating in demonstrations and conveying their support on social networks.


The association has ties with the Hamas organization concerning matters of charity and assistance through various collaborations with the Gaza Ministry of Social Assistance, including the opening of the association's Gaza branch in 2019, accompanied by an opening ceremony attended by, among others, Hamas political bureau member Ghazi Hamad and Amad Alfaloji, a former Hamas spokesman.

The organization also has extensive activities in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and other Arab countries. In Turkey, they collaborated with Al-Furkan, which has an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and pro-Hamas ideology.


The association has extensive ties to the Ra'am Party. The Igatha 48 Association director, Ghazi Issa, has a significant role in the Ra'am Party, as a candidate on the Knesset list, as a coalition negotiation team member, and as chairman of the party's conferences.

The association even hosted part of the coalition negotiations in its offices in Kafr Qassem. The association chairman, Ali Katanani, is number 29 on Ra'am's list for the 24th Knesset. So are several other of the association's management members.


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